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The Boa Constrictors

Welcome to our site,

     We thought we would take the opportunity to share our collection of boa constrictors with all the other boa nut extraordinaire out there. At the present time we have only provided information and photos of the animals that are currently in our collection. As we get permission to post other collectors’ photos of rare and unusual boas, we will update this site.

     You will not find designer, mutt or bastard cross boas on this site as we have no interest in them.

     Taxonomy being the contentious issue that it is, we have decided to use the recognized subspecies names and common names widely recognized within the academic and herp community (e.g. B.C. Orophias, Crawl Cay, etc., etc.).

     Again, welcome to our site. We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to contact us and provide feedback in the form of site errors, recommendations, etc.


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